Brandon Thorne
Levi Miller Brandon
"See 'ya tomorrow, I guess," Brandon to Gavin in TBA.
Portrayed By Levi Miller
Position Middle School Student (Pre-Apocalypse)
Age 14
Hair Brown
Family John - Father

Teresa - Mother

Gavin - Brother

Status Alive
First Appearance TBA
Last Appearance N/A
Death N/A
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Brandon Thorne is an upcoming character that will be featured in Creator's post-apocalyptic survival story, Just Keep Running.


Brandon is described as 'a typical middle school student. Basketball, video games and hanging with his friends are just a few of the things Brandon loves. He and his brother have a close relationship. Gavin is very protective of him and scares away anyone that mistreats him'.


As of yet, very little is known about Brandon's life before the apocalypse began. It is known that Brandon lived in the metropolitan Chicago area with his family and went to middle school, where he was a member of his school's basketball team. He had friends and had a very close relationship with his brother, Gavin.


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