Dr. Vincente Warren
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"Come on, Mary...Come on, you can do it...I know you can," Dr. Warren to a lifeless Mary in "d3446z01".
Portrayed By TBD
Position Doctor/Scientist (Pre-Apocalypse)
Age Unspecified, possibly early to late 40's
Hair Unknown (Balding)
Family Unknown
Status Alive
First Appearance "d3446z01"
Last Appearance N/A
Death N/A
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Dr. Vincente Warren is a character that appears in Creator's post-apocalyptic survival story, Just Keep Running. He first appears in the prologue to the series, "d3446z01", where he is featured as the main character.


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Very little is known about Dr. Warren's life before the apocalypse began. It is known that he worked at the S-RP Red facility for a number of years as a doctor and scientist before being transferred to the S-RP Violet facility for approximately two years. It is assumed that he lived on or near the island of Lamina, where the facility was located. It is known that he had a well-established friendship with Mary Dawson.


At the very beginning of the outbreak, Dr. Warren was at work with his assistant, Mary, and an unknown number of other colleagues. As the facility's staff and patients began to be exposed to an unknown, unnamed pathogen and reanimated as walking corpses, he was assigned the task of examining the infected and observing the changes that took effect on the body when someone turned.

At some point in time, Dr. Warren witnessed Mary being attacked and bitten, ultimately becoming infected and dying of fever before having her body placed in an isolated laboratory for thorough examination. After locking himself with an examination room, the doctor began to take notes and watch the body of his dead assistant, entering the room with it and watching her. He witnessed Mary reanimating as a zombie, and later stabbed her in the head with a surgical scalpel.

After making contact with a man in the cafeteria on Level B of the facility, Dr. Warren made the decision to leave the examination room with the aid of a headlamp and enter the dark corridor outside, where a strobe light pulsated violently. Walking through the bloody landscape, Dr. Warren found a fire axe, which he later used to put down his zombified friend and colleage, Javier Lémieux, and prevent a medical volunteer that he had become acquainted with before the outbreak named Emily Orson from turning.

Entering Stairwell 3, the doctor became aware that fires were raging on the lower levels of the facility, as the stairwell had become filled with smoke. He becomes aware of the horde on Level C and enters Level B, where he made his way toward the facility's cafeteria, where a small group of people had gathered for safety.

Killed Victims

This is a list of victims that Vincente has killed:


  • Dr. Warren is the first character to officially appear in the story.
  • He is the first character to kill a reanimated person in the series.
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