Matthew Ronson
Gabriel Basso Matthew
"Is there anything better in the world than the sight of baked beans?" Matthew in TBA.
Portrayed By Gabriel Basso
Position High School Senior (Pre-Apocalypse)
Age 17
Hair Light brown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance N/A
Death Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Matthew Ronson, affectionately referred to as 'Matt', is an upcoming character that will be featured in Creator's post-apocalyptic survival story, Just Keep Running.


Matt is described as 'the guy who you turn to for help. Matt is a very friendly, helpful individual who always tries to see the best in people even if he has them marked as jerks. He is very trustworthy, intelligent, dependable and a hunter since the age of three. He can be too-trusting at times, but his jolly nature is admired by those around him and he is seen as a valued friend'.


As of yet, very little is known about Matt's life before the apocalypse began. It is known that he was a high school senior living in the metropolitan Chicago area and that he was on-track to go to college. From the age of three, Matt had been a hunter.


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