Thomas Levitt
Aaron Eckhart Thomas
"You have to be willing to adapt to the changes that take place around you. If you don't adapt, you die," Thomas in TBA.
Portrayed By Aaron Eckhart
Position High School English Teacher (Pre-Apocalypse)
Age 37
Hair Copper blond
Family Lillian - Wife
Status Alive
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance N/A
Death Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Thomas Levitt, affectionately referred to as 'Tom', is an upcoming character that will be featured in Creator's post-apocalyptic survival story, Just Keep Running.


Thomas is described as 'a thirty-something English teacher from Chicago who is very protective of his wife of thirteen years and his students. Good at his job and liked by many, Tom has a way of persuading people into doing things that they see as unimportant or stressful. He loves the outdoors and is referred to by his wife as a 'camping expert'. Once, he wanted to join the Army, but was turned-down due to his eyesight'.


As of yet, very little is known about Thomas' life before the apocalypse began. It is known that he married Lillian thirteen years before the events of the story, and that they worked at the same high school, he as an English teacher and she as an algebra teacher. It is also known that he had once tried to enlist in the United States Army, but due to his eyesight he was rejected. He had an unknown number of students and cared about their well-beings.


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