Well, if you've made it to this page, then I'm assuming that you are here for a reason or you're here for some answers as to what the heck this site is for. As of right now (October 10, 2015), I am declaring that this site is for the publication of a story that I am writing, one where I can pretend that it is a television show and 'cast' actors and actresses to play certain characters. It's all in the name of fun, and who doesn't love some good fun?

I am currently the only member contributing to the site, but maybe one day that can change. Maybe I can get some people to actually read my stories and see my ideas and say 'Hey, this guy is pretty good! I want to see what else he is capable of!'. It will probably take some time, as all things do, and some work. I mean, you don't get anywhere in life unless you are willing to put in the work and effort that is required to do so. I will have to network and try to promote my story anywhere I possibly can (which means I'll have to turn to social networking...ugh...Facebook...), but I know that I have the potential to turn Just Keep Running into something great.

If you're actually still on this blog post, then by all means contact me! Just click on my profile and send me a message, or tweet me on my Twitter (you can find that on my profile, too). If you want to help contribute to the story or submit an idea for a character, you are more than free to do so! So, thanks for reading, you wonderful person! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy and complex life to read a hopeful fifteen year-old boy's blog. Have yourself a 'fantabulistic' day, friend!

- Brayden